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Sindhani Thuligal: Bagam - 2 Samuthayam - Oru Parvai

Author Name: Maduraikavi  S. Parandhaman  | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

The book Sinthanai Thulikal covers all of social thoughts. It covers essential things that needs to be know everybody. In our social thoughts there are rights and wrongs. The essential social thoughts are systematically analyzed. The rights and wrongs are concluded. It will help to clear wrongful notion prevailing in the minds of individuals and the society.

The book avoids to give imaginary things but it gives answer to imaginary notion prevailing in the society. It gives in understandable language by everybody in standardized manner. It deals essential things that needs to be know everybody. Everybody may know many more things but there may be mingled wrong conclusions also. The book tries to give correct things without imaginary things and pointed-out rights or wrongs. It gives essential essence of all fields. The book may give confidence to the readers regarding their life oriented education. It is suited for all types of readers. It gives lot of valuable messages. It beliefs that it will make mature the reader’s mind in their social thoughts.

The thoughts includes the fields of social, political, education, legal, economics, and many more life oriented things. It is not included any unwanted. It is purely aimed to well known the unknown and aimed to clear the misunderstandings of the society.


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Maduraikavi  S. Parandhaman 

The Author of the book Sinthanai Thulikal is a Degree / Post Graduate Degree and Diploma holder of multiple subjects like Mathematics, Sociology, Labor Law, Personnel Management, Business Administration, and Computer.

He has worked and experienced in multiple fields of Agriculture, Security Services, Industries, Mines, Hospital, Thermal Power Station, Construction, and Human Resource Managements.

He has experienced in Private Sectors and Public Sector.

The author is a multi-personality thinker, he studied various fields, he experienced in multiple fields. He is an Analyst. He is an interesting person in the fields of Social Services and Political Services.

He highly interested in the fields of modernization of Education and updating of Education.

The Author advices review of all of our things and thoughts since most of our traditional things, thoughts and even in our culture; many more are out dated and many more practices are not suitable for the present scientific world since many more created in pre-scientific period. Even it is, we could not come to conclude that everything of old things and everything of old thoughts may wrong. Some can be taken to continue for future from the old which is suitable for scientific values. And now itself, we have to prepare ourselves to leave immediately or gradually which are not suited for Science. Based on the notion Sinthanai Thulikal is created, the Author says.

In anything, even the better, the practice of periodical review may cause for more better and most better. That is why, the author insisted not only for review; the author insisted, periodical review of every social things.