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Sleep within Seconds

by Mahendra R Patel

Format: Paperback

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There has been a visible change in people’s lifestyle, specifically after the 1980s. People have increased awareness and knowledge due to rapid development of electronics and other technologies. This has led to unwarranted stress, low patience and tolerance, despite availability of higher physical comforts. Further, this has resulted in greater irritation, frustration, depression etc., which leads to tremendous rise in unhappiness, mental diseases etc. Most people make the mistake of focusing just on professional success and financial gains in life. With such an approach, people do not devote required time and energy for developing and maintaining good health and development of self, family, friends.

This book narrates with examples the approach and an analysis of the author’s success in achieving overall happiness in life and sleep within seconds for the last sixty years, including his experiences and methodology for molding the mindset. This will benefit the readers and help them achieve sleep within seconds.

Mahendrakumar Revabhai Patel is the author of this book. He has worked for forty-three years as a technical and managerial executive in reputed organizations in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

He is blessed with a very important gift from the Almighty, which is, he falls deep sleep within few seconds of going to bed since last 60 years. He developed remarkable clarity and understanding since childhood for solving problems and issues in life with positivity. The author has developed this mindset by learning from his parents, colleagues, meaningful movies, observing behaviours of people, reading books, analyzing success & failures of self and others. He is an expert faculty for many colleges, universities, the Gujarat Safety Council, Disaster Management Conferences and has participated in many global level conferences in the USA and Europe. The author was recognized as one of the Top 100 Professionals in the world in 2012 by the International Bibliographical Center, UK for his contribution to the technical, managerial, human behavioural improvements and safety enhancement.

This book focuses on removing ego, jealousy, negativity, irritation, frustration, hatred and unhappiness. This book also emphasizes on improving positivity, internal strength and striking an optimum balance in life between self, family, relatives, friends and the community.



Sleep within Seconds





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