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Small is Big - Volume 3

Author Name: Rafaa Dalvi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

After the success of two volumes of Small is Big, Rafaa Dalvi is back with Small is Big - Volume 3, a final collection of 100 more micro tales that will provide you a rich experience and the best part is that there's a story for everyone, including YOU!

If you enjoy reading slice of life tales, this micro tale is for you-

"Cheer up. You're thirteen now. I was eight when I got married. You'll never look this beautiful ever again."

"I will Ammi, when I wear a school uniform."

And if you like thrillers, this micro tale is for you-I always assumed that my neighbour's daughter knew the word 'Eight' only until my dog went missing and she said 'Nine'.

In fact, there are 100 such small tales that will have a big impact on you.

'Rafaa's micro tales are absolute gems. The journey is short but its impact is everlasting. This one deserves to be read by all.'

- Sanhita Baruah, Author of The Art of Grieving & The Art of Letting Go

'Are you interested in unconventional storytelling? How about a story where the beginning, middle and the end are on the same page? A narrative that makes you frown on page 1, nod in agreement on page 2 & chuckle on page 3? I highly recommend Small is Big.'

- Rickie Khosla, Author of The Imperative Subterfuge & Pretty Vile Girl

'The book has something for everyone. It has humor, it has punch where you get a most unexpected twist, it has philosophy, it has romance & it has horror.'

- T.F. Carthick, Author of Carthick's Unfairy Tales & More Unfairy Tales


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Sorry we are currently not available in your region.

Rafaa Dalvi

Rafaa Dalvi tries to escape from the mundane with words and contemplates about befriending the voices in his head. He dreams about changing the world, one smile at a time.

Already published numerous times, his stories can be read in the anthologies - Curtain Call (editor), Kaleidoscope, Myriad Tales, and many more. He has also written three volumes of 'Small is Big', which is a collection of 100 micro tales. He's the runners-up of Amazon KDP Pen to Publish Contest 2019 and the recipient of Indian Bloggers League Booker Prize 2013.