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Smashed! A Novel

by Sirpy

Format: Paperback

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A simple plan.

Three jilted boys.

A tennis tournament.

A tea shop.

And a crow.

All these come together to weave a story, that is set in the lurid, colorful background of Chennai. A story that is spread over four intense days. A story that has more references to South Indian cuisine than a Saravana Bhavan menu card. A story that tries to explore the often-grey areas of love, values, family, hope and deceit.

A story that does not have Batman.

As John, Kumar and Ganesh plot to take revenge, as Vikas plots to win the tournament, as Karthik plots to become richer, as Subod plots against Ram – with so much plotting it is bound to have real estate consultants go into frenzies. As the stories evolve, the low-brow college tennis tournament in the city reaches Godzilla proportions, playing the stage to a big coup.

Sirpy works as a product manager at a leading IT company in Bangalore. He has an engineering degree from CEG, Chennai and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. Apart from reading depressing books and watching depressing movies, his favourite hobbies are shouting at auto drivers and throwing tantrums to the walls. He spends his evenings at the nearest watering hole, where he can be usually found, yelling inconsequentially at football players.








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