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by Karanam Rao

Format: Paperback

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The present book of poems encompasses many of contemporary themes in the most lucid and uncluttered texture and composition. Since the poet draws his inspiration from both Indian and American literary traditions, there is a remarkable fusion of both traditions in form and syntax. Dr Rao has exhibited a great maturity in handling a vast array of experience. Quintessentially, these poems are vignettes of life, and are imbued with the spirit of joi de vivre that’s closer to wit and wry humour than to abrasive cynicism.

The use of simple and homely images and metaphors drawn from contemporary life make these poems eminently enjoyable. Written in an autochthonous but down-to-earth language and syntax of style, these poems are very near to achieving nuanced shades of perfection, and remain as ‘monuments of a moment.’ That’s what Dr. Rao’s present anthology of poems aims at, and amply testifies the achievement too.

Dr Karanam Ramachandra Rao has worked as professor of English, and has directed the doctoral work of many research scholars who worked on Indian, African and Commonwealth studies. His book of literary criticism on “The Fiction of Raja Rao” is regarded as a source book on Indo-English literature. Dr Rao is a prolific writer and has published five anthologies of poetry-“Between the Interludes” (Prayer Books), “Fragment Memories”(Samkaleen Prakashn), “Continents of Silence” and “Land’s End”(both from Writers Wokshop), and “The Other side of Darkness” (USA) His research articles and have been anthologised, and web published. Though he has prolifically written his research papers on literary criticism, his first love is poetry. The prodigious output he has doled out bears out this fact. He has won poetry prizes both in India and in USA.








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