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So What if you are Right! A book for seniors on how to turn around youngsters and earn their respect

Author Name: Varun Harnal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

How do you feel about your mornings at home? Do you bother about how your fellow family members are going to be greeting you today? How are things going to be at the office? Do you wonder about how keen your team is to work with you? Do they find you approachable? Our research tells us that the outcome of almost all of such situations is dependent on how much emphasis we lay on the important aspect of ‘earning respect’: This book is a deep dive into human relationships. The author of this book makes us feel self-responsible for earning our respect. The book serves as a mirror for analysing various aspects of our lives where we could be losing respect of our youngsters. It is a guide that provides us with tools to become more respect-worthy by our actions rather than simply relying on our seniority. The numerous tips offered in this book can help in creating a persona that is most respect-worthy. So what if you are right, is a self-help book for all seniors who want to guide their youngsters at home or office without losing their own self-esteem. It’s time seniors realise that earning the respect of youngsters is more important than posing as someone who ‘knows it all’. This 200-page book is a must read for a modern senior who builds instantaneous rapport with youngsters and turns them into productive partners at home and office.

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Varun Harnal

Varun Harnal is the founder and consultant coach at Human Training Consultants - Prior to Human, Varun worked at Hilti Inc. and began his career with Tata Enterprises in India. Varun is a trainer on behavioural skills and a life coach from the International Coach Federation,ICF, US. As a practitioner of Neuro Lingusitic Programming, he has spoken at TED events and one of his talks related to the book is 'How to kill innovation and growth' which addresses how parents can promote openness within families. An avid debater and theatre lover at college, he received a bachelor's degree in Engineering, and a master's degree in marketing and finance. He started his own practice in Training and Development after his work experience in India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.  Varun's writing career began as an instructional designer for business studies. He has gathered acclaim for his programs such as ‘Bridging the cultural gaps in teams', ‘Assertiveness for Personal Branding' and ‘Leadership in Turbulent times'. His open workshops are hosted by organisations that benefit from his animated style of interaction that creates active engagement for seniors and youngsters alike. To discuss your concerns on human relationships and to register for an online coaching session with Varun, type-in your request on the following link: