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Sometimes Believe in Yourself

Author Name: Joy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

This is a book which includes all the latest stories and teachings about modern hardships. 

Know how the Indian culture has changed over the years

From the initial chapters of this book, you can find yourself getting familiarized to a certain concept of empowerment and interactions. You will read about how India and its residents have changed over the years.

Modern and traditional struggles women face

You will witness a series of struggles any Indian woman faces during her life. These issues include dealing with depression, motherhood, parenting, in-laws, choosing the perfect partner and career in life. You will also read about the need for women to support women in modern times. Without such support, no single woman can survive in this cruel and materialistic world.

The urgency to educate men in the country

This novel is so genuine that readers can literally weep after reading the struggles that most Indian men go through as well. However, there are stories that signify how our education system is failing in teaching Indian men about the social aspect of their lives.

Truly inspirational stories for everyone who lacks courage

Be it the pandemic or our country’s recession, you will find an endless source of hope and inspirational stories, written carefully, in this book. Each chapter gives readers like me and you the courage to take a harsh and revolutionary step in our lives. Only then can we lead the better life that we deserve.


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Joy is a leader and activist for all the millennials and gen Z people to follow. She is a true Bengali and even though she lived in Delhi all her life, she never forgot her Bengali roots. Joy is an inspiring human being who loves to listen to others. She is known for standing up for the people in her life.

She never cowers just because the topic is taboo and less talked about. She has met hundreds and thousands of people in her life. This includes women, children, elders, and even men. All of them have opened up to her about their life’s struggles from one point to another.

Joy is a person who completes her promise and values her word. Her readers can connect with her on social media platforms like Instagram and FB to read her latest quotes, short stories, narratives, and poems. Her words are directed towards the upliftment of society and those who are neglected by the majority of people in our society.

She's married and has a 5-year-old son now. After marriage, her perspective on life changed for the betterment of those around her. She loves her husband, son, and her family. She has seen and experienced depression, anxiety, and panic after pregnancy. But her husband has always been loving, doting, and has supported her unconditionally.

In these many years, she has learnt to love herself as an individual and her husband as a partner. Simultaneously, she understood the true meaning of empowerment for everyone and not just for women.