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Somewhere in between The Moon and Grave

Author Name: Bheemparam Kishore Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Somewhere in Between the Moon and the Grave is a poetic representation of a short story between a boy and a girl, how the way things went in between and how an uninvited guest in between changed their lives. How did their lives turn out in the end?

Staring and admiring the beauty of the moon is all that we do.

But what if we share our feelings and get a response from the person we love living on the other side of the world?

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Bheemparam Kishore Kumar

Bheemparam Kishore Kumar is a third-year MBBS student by profession in Telangana. He is a passionate writer who took an active part in about 50 anthologies and even compiled an anthology titled Never Ending Footsteps.

“He believes the art of saving life inspires in making art of everything he can. Feeling the little things happening around us, every word you speak can be made an art of it.”

Life never went smooth in his journey. It took him to a stage where his respiratory process was running on machines. Despite his struggles, he never stopped pursuing his passion.

Travelling all around and understanding the nature and culture of different places is his favourite hobby. Once every alternate month, he travels to a random place, explores the beauty of nature, how it heals a human with Peace.

As we know, unplanned trips are always fun, but all his trips go unplanned. 

He is always thankful to his parents and teachers who supported irrespective of things he dreamt of doing.

School friends, friends of friends, intermediates, cousins, long-term mates, friends from medical school and seniors have always been on his side, correcting every mistake he did and kept inspiring all the time. He never feels the success alone, but a collective success of everyone.