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Songs of My Soul

Author Name: Pradip Chandra Das | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

If life is overburdened, frustrated and filled with unhappiness, then the Songs of my Soul is the right choice for the lovers of music in the words of poems. The complete submission to Supreme Ideal and the feeling of divinity in one’s life is shared in the lines of the poems ‘You, the Beloved’, ‘Blessed life’, ‘Kid of Killing Days’ and many more. The dramatic change of mind in the control of complexes has stolen the peace of soul and the happiness of mind from the gift of this divine living on this beautiful earth, only because of the jeopardies of perplexed idealess living. These rustic rhymes of music will give you the feel of loving life. A personal experience among the frustrated, marginalized and of course, odious livings in the material gains of people around, have inspired the composer to jot down the lines with a complete surrender to his Beloved Ideal. How the Nature goddess and her attributes inspire the soul of humans to live the life fullest with the devotion of living in an Ideal Centric life is shared in the lines of this poetry book.

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Pradip Chandra Das

Pradip Chandra Das is a weeny disciple of his beloved Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra, and he was traditionally initiated in his childhood through his parents. His love for the Supreme Beloved has inspired him and his family, freeing them from all kinds of earthly greed. Being an Assistant Professor of English in Lumding College of Assam for more than a decade of teaching experience, inspired him to compose the poems for the present generation who loves to read and feel in the English tongue. He has published a fair number of research papers in many national journals and worked as a teacher in other institutions as well. His responsibility for the upliftment of society with the words of inspiration has dragged him to compose these beautiful numbers.