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Souls and Dreams …in search of the elusive utopia

Author Name: Dr. Sarita Iyer | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Souls and Dreams is a collection of articles which can be read by the whole family as there is something in it for everyone. 

The book addresses issues which are not really spoken about openly. It showcases emotions, issues and ideologies in different genres of life and hopefully will sensitize and empower people to deal with the changes and equip them to handle the same. It will definitely be a catalyst for the much-required change in the ideologies of Society. In a nutshell, Souls and Dreams sends out a message to each person “Don't let the past dictate who you are, but let it be a part of who you want to be in the future”.

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Dr. Sarita Iyer

The author is an educator, an avid blogger, a writer, a columnist, a mom, a counsellor and an erudite speaker. She also describes herself as suffering a little from mild OCD. Her friends would describe her as fiercely loyal and a drama queen to boot.  She strongly believes in attitude mentoring and motivational development and has the zeal to navigate uncharted territories and take calculated risks. She is widely published in various National and International Journals. She seeks to train and teach young citizens of the world on how to learn to be game changers of the future. She believes in the therapeutic abilities of walking and practices Yoganidra to combat insomnia. Tarot reading is her queen-sized passion as she believes in the coexistence of paranormal balance and science.