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Sri Gayathri Kovil Varalaru

by Sri Jayakumari Amma

Format: Hardcover

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The Gayathri temple is situated in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India. It has many specialties. The physical layout is in the form of lotus and also resembles SRI CHAKRA, which is a powerful yanthra. People can sit and meditate in the sixteen lotus petals, in the Mahamandabam, that are charged with sixteen Ishwarya energies. The Arthamandabam arrangement explains the highest knowledge of Upanishad mahavakya’sThathvamasi.

In the Garbhagruka, a Panjaloga Panjamugha Gayathri Devi idol of five feet and five inches, with five faces, ten hands and three legs, is seated on the lotus asana. Visitors enjoy feelings of beauty, love, compassion, protection, and prosperity under the lotus temple.


Sri Gayathri Kovil Varalaru





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