Sshhh...It's Not A Secret

by Girish V Konkar


Type : Paperback


Summary of the Book

Leadership is an art and not a science. Whom do you admire and would like to emulate? The names could vary from Mahatma Gandhi, Anna Hazare, Ratan Tata, Shivaji, Churchill to your parents. How many of you would like to put your name there or even close to them? If you do, then this book is a must read. Leadership is not about having a big fan following. It is about doing one's best in whatever one does.

Leadership qualities are no secret and you can list these down on paper. These qualities could be – having a vision, goals, role clarity, commitment, integrity, honesty, a +ve attitude and many more. This is quite a big list and if one is to possess every quality in abundance, this person would be a superhuman. But then some leaders are indeed super humans – they do not have super human powers, but super human qualities.

This book is about making your task easier so that you can take on life with all its myriad challenges, decide on clear goals and at the same time enjoy the journey. Life is after all not just a destination to be reached, but also a journey to be enjoyed.

About the Author

Commander Girish V Konkar (Retd.) (Font Pristina) is an Ex-Submariner Commander who retired from the Indian Navy in 2004. An alumnus of the National Defence Academy, he holds MSc in Defence Studies and Strategic Analysis and Masters in Management Studies. Girish has lived an adventurous life. Be it sailing around the world in a small yacht, participating in the Himalayan car rally, being a glider pilot, scuba diver, numerous trekking expeditions to the Himalayas, being a fire walking instructor, he has done it all.

Girish is currently the CEO of Beyond Horizons, a Leadership and Life Mastery Coach, Leadership Facilitator, and Motivational Speaker. He is also a Certified Fire-Walking and Empowerment Coach.

He regularly conducts the widely acclaimed Leadership and Life Mastery workshop “Winner For Life”. (Font Cambria)

“Success is a Choice….Make it Your Habit”.

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