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Stimulants from the brew

Author Name: Neha Jain | Format: Paperback | Genre : Cooking, Food & Wine | Other Details

Stimulants from the Brew chronicles the journey of tea from ancient to modern times.  With figures and testimonials from experts on the growth and production of tea, this book covers its obscure history and its expedition across various countries. The different kinds of tea, the desired climate and its evolution from a small leaf to a black or green concoction is an outstanding journey which makes a delightful read.

This is a short book designed to capture the imagination of avid drinkers, stimulating a desire for this everlasting drink from its conception to the brew. It is a call to the tea drinker in you to take a sip of this addictive brew and conjure a spirit of fascination that either lulls you to sleep or stimulates you to do your bidding. Tea is stimulation, tea is magic and tea is addiction, so let's sip to our heart’s desire.


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Neha Jain

This book is written by Neha Jain, a content writer and editor by profession who has carved one of her favourite beverages in gold letters from its conception to its popularity and the countries it has stimulated and emboldened. The author has suggested many varieties of tea in this book to enchant and enliven your senses and juxtapose it to the heavens of tea and its magic. The author welcomes readers to experience this amazing journey of surprise, longing and addiction.