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Sufism A Brief History

by Sufyan bin Uzayr

Format: Paperback

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Even after centuries of existence, the concept of Sufism has remained an enigma. The Sufi saints have been educating the masses using beautiful poetic compositions as well as thoughtfully crafted stories and anecdotes. On the surface, such poems and anecdotes rarely seem to have any sense of mysticism attached to them but on closer scrutiny, one cannot help but marvel at the beauty and charm of such simple yet splendid compositions.

In this book, Sufyan bin Uzayr attempts to explore the rich history of Sufism. Apart from providing a bird’s-eye view of the historical context, the author also gives an impressive description of the rich literature produced by the Sufi mystics. Lastly, Sufyan bin Uzayr explains the significance of Sufi teachings and also sheds light on the mystic notions of Life and Divine Love. 

Sufyan bin Uzayr is the pseudonym of Sufyan Mustafa, a 21-year old writer and artist based in India. He has authored numerous articles for various magazines and journals all across the globe, and currently runs his own e-journal named Brave New World, at www.bravenewworld.in. Apart from that, Sufyan bin Uzayr is also associated with many other publications and websites in editorial capacity. He has a background in web and graphic design, and a degree in English Literature. He takes a keen interest in international affairs, history, philosophy, theology and still-life photography. In his first book, Sufyan bin Uzayr explores the concept of Islamic mysticism. Authors website: www.sufyanism.com.








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