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Sunrise Within You Achieving Significance in Life

by Pritam K Goswami

Format: Paperback

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Each one of us is born with a unique purpose in life to fulfil, because nature doesn’t create anybody without a reason. The journey of finding the purpose of life starts with discovery within. Unless we know who we are, we can’t guide ourselves. Out of billions of people living in the world only few thousands have done something exceptional and created an impact. They knew about their strengths and had belief in their abilities. They had a vision and mission to achieve. Amidst all the challenges and adversities in life they could proceed further because they knew what is to be accomplished. When you start looking for your worth, your abilities, efficiency, potential and capabilities, your own answer to this could be a bit daunting. All sorts of questions will occur to you and you may not be quite sure what the answers are or even how to find out what they are. This book – “Sunrise within you” is aimed to give you these answers. This book will surely enlighten and encourage you to make a positive and determined approach to your valuable life, personality and your own worth and will ultimately help you “Achieving significance in life”.

He completed his Chartered Accountancy course from New Delhi and later took Diploma in Information System Audit. He has also done Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HR). He became International Training Fellow # 148 of JCI Trainings USA in 2010. He was Born and brought up in Kota, Rajasthan (India) He is a practicing Chartered Accountant and Director at CICA (Career Institute of Commerce & Accounts) a mass level coaching institute. He has been into teaching for past 15 years and till now he has mentored more than 10000 students across India. He is considered to be a fire brand ace trainer (Motivator & Life Management Coach) at international level and has conducted over 1500 seminars in India and abroad on many subjects like “Positive Mental Attitude, Work Life Balance, Stress Management, Inter-personal Skills, Leadership, Team-Building, Creativity, Public Speaking, Presentational Skills, Passion & Motivation, Effective Parenting, Time- Management during past 12 years.” He being an International Trainer has conducted his seminars in various International Conferences in Nagano & Osaka (Japan), Bussan (Korea), Singapore, Manila (Philippines), Hong Kong, Brussels (Belgium), Hammamet (Tunisia) & in many other countries. He has visited around 22 countries for social and training commitments. He has been a social activist and has been involved with many social organizations like JCI & Rotary. He is a person who maintains Self-discipline and consistency in his daily life, one who follows his own guidelines to make his life better. He believes in – “Be different and make the Difference”.



Sunrise Within You





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