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Tale of Peacock and Peahen

by Shanti Radhakrishnan

Format: Paperback

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The Tale of Peacock and Peahen consists of Assam folk tales for children. Assam is surrounded by the Brahmaputra valley. The sacred scriptures of the Puranas are known here as 'Kamarupa'. It is believed that Narakasura’s son, Bhagadatta, had ruled the kingdom in the capital of Pragjyotishpura which is now called Gauhati. Pragjyotishpura was founded by Amrutraja, son of Kusa and grandfather of Vishwamitra. There is a famous temple of Tantrik Goddess Kamakhya Devi.

It is also believed that in Assam, Sri Krishna fought against Bhishmaka to marry his daughter Rukmani. This place is also famous because King Banasura of Sonitpur fought against Sri Krishna when his daughter Usha secretly married Aniruddha, the grandson of Sri Krishna.

The people of Assam believe in Tantras, Ojhas, witchcraft and black magic. They seek the advice of witch doctors for all kinds of problems. The history of Assam is affected by various socio-ethnic groups.

The staple diet of Assam is steam boiled rice which is called Ukhua or sundried Uaroi. A very fine quality of rice called Karaballam is grown only in Assam region.

The author, Shanti Radha Krishnan, graduated from Delhi University. She did her post-graduation in English Literature from Annamalai University in the year 1989.

Ever since her childhood days her grandmother narrated folk tales of India. She developed her writing skills at a very young age. She has been writing in official magazines in English as well as in Hindi. Her parents inspired her to write. This is her first book and she hopes everyone would like to read the folk tales of India.



Tale of Peacock and Peahen





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