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Tales at Twilight

Author Name: Muddassir Khalidi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Tales at Twilight is an anthology written from the heart while the world was ravaged by the COVID 19 pandemic. Because of the conditions it was written in, the idea behind it is to express the wide array of ambitions, feelings and thoughts people want to express in the late hours of the day when loneliness strikes the hardest. 

The splendid manipulation of words develops scenic imagery and dramatic events, which are certain to pull readers into a world of their own.  Elaborate concepts like glory and defeat, peace and war, love and heartbreak, reconciliation and separation are personified by characters introduced throughout the book. The struggles of revolution, the lasting burden of leadership, optimistic love which ignites a wildfire of ecstasy and the distress from continued ordeals; inclusion of such a variety of themes promises that every scholar and every student shall find themselves somewhere along the lines.  

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Muddassir Khalidi

Growing up with nothing but privileges, Muddassir Khalidi has always wondered what life would look like while living on the edge. An ambivert by nature, his introverted side has helped him define life and his extroverted side has helped him enjoy life. Surrounded by friends and family at every step, he cherishes those bonds with all his heart and believes that if it weren’t for the people around him, the headstrong and unbreakable version of him that thrives in a cruel world today, would never have come to be.  

His pursuit for a better world led him to the world of poetry. For the private person he is, poetry is like an escape from a world that threatens to invade every personal space, read every private thought and expose every hidden insecurity. A very outspoken person at the break, his exposure to people’s preferences and opinions helped him shape his mind about what his part would be in the creation of a better world. But as he explored his passion further, he came to the conclusion that a utopian world only exists in poetry and to bring about true change, individual tireless efforts are crucial.