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Taniya !

Author Name: Diya Isha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

"Hi, I am Taniya Thara, a girl studying in Bhavan Mandir School. Did you know that a student studying in Bhavan’s faces a lot of problems from grades to friends? But before telling you everything let me introduce myself, I am a studying in 7th standard, someone who needs true friends and a real awesome school life. This is my story, the story of my 7th standard."

Join Taniya Thara in her 7th standard as she faces promblems withstanded by her former friends Nina and Parvathi. Will Taniya break the ice with the help of her three 'real' best friends Surya, Virat and Haaniya or get frozen??.



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Sorry we are currently not available in your region.

Diya Isha

Diya Isha is a 13-year old school-girl studying in Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan. 'Taniya !' is her debut novel. She lives in Kannur in Kerala with her mother.


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