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Tattva Grama Expositions Of the Eternal Truth

by Shri Amruthesha Bhattaraka

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What is religion?
Religion is reaching back to the great beyond from where we have come. Every religion has a philosophy of its own.

What is philosophy?
Philo – Love

Sophy – Wisdom

Philosophy – Love of Wisdom

In its core sense, philosophy is philology since both are reciprocal.
Esoterically, philology is the wisdom of the word.

Therefore, the objective is to understand the WORD – Vakyas, which are the fundamental principles.
These principles actually refer to the Tattvas of the eastern wisdom.

These Tattvas are classified, graded and the sum total of all these Tattvas is Tattva Grama.

Shri Amruthesha Bhattaraka, an octogenarian, has been following the esoteric practices of the Vedas and Sri Vidya that has been handed down through a lineage of illustrious gurus.

Ever since his childhood, the author’s mind has been engrossed in learning and mastering the scriptures so as to present these in a comprehensive manner.

This desire was ignited and channelized by his guru, Shri Isha Bhattaraka. Since then the author has not only been devoting his time to the practice of religion as advocated by the Vedas and Shastras, but has also been looking into the scriptures of other religions with a doctoral approach.

The author sincerely believes that all the religions have the same goal i.e. the development of the personality in the highest level and realization of the self.

The eastern wisdom is ancient wisdom.

The author feels that all the religious heads and the scientific world should take to the study of the eastern wisdom on a scientific pedestal.


Om Tat Sat.                                             



Tattva Grama





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