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That sounded good when I first thought of it…

by Abhimanyu Sheshashayee

Format: Paperback

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An apprentice chef creating the perfect dish.A homesick space traveler bidding goodbye. A Machiavellian overlord planning his next conquest. A young wife fighting the prospect of widowhood.

‘That sounded good when I first thought of it’ is a collection of 12 riveting tales spanning multiple genres – from science fiction to mythology, from suspense to psychology.

Written over a decade of tumultuous adolescence, this compilation is gripping, fascinating and thought provoking in equal measure...

Since childhood, Abhimanyu has had a passion for analysis. History, art, science, literature; he delved into all with curiosity and enthusiasm. He enjoyed listening to and reading stories, and even tried writing some of his own. Starting at age 4, his first stories were renditions of trips to far flung place on the globe. Over time, he experimented with fiction, using different narrative styles, settings, concepts, and more. His insightful and well-crafted stories impressed teachers and mentors. To this date, he has produced a collection of diverse tales, short and long, witty and touching, stretching across myriad genres.

Abhimanyu is a doctoral student of computer engineering. He currently resides in Boston, USA, with his cat.



That sounded good when I first thought of it…



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