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The 3 a.m. Call A Tale of Interrupted Lives

Author Name: Vinayak Jakati | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Inspired by his childhood friend, Arjun, Darshan risks everything for his dreams and runs into his worst nightmare – almost throwing away his career, marriage, even his best friend. How can Darshan reclaim his life? What happens to Arjun’s dream, trapped in a survival crisis?

It’s 3 a.m. Darshan wakes up from a nightmare and sees a call from an unknown number. Still shuddering, he picks it up and…

This might have been the story of the friendship of Arjun and Darshan, two middle-class Bangalore boys chasing their dreams. It could also be about the heady startup culture, the disillusioned career, a marriage on the rocks, a grieving family, sexual harassment at work or that friend you can neither trust nor desert.

Instead, it is an unputdownable thread of courageous conversations that reveal how two friends step up to their life’s most daunting invitations.

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Vinayak Jakati

Vinayak grew up in Bangalore, his worldview shaped by an astonishing kaleidoscope of friends and enchanting neighbourhoods. 

The city generously bestowed him friendships with people from all walks of life, immersing him into the worlds of music, literature, culture, sport and ultimately, the invitation to be himself. Over a two-decade career, the pursuit of this invitation enabled his voice in the organisations he served, his work as a writer and a poet, and as co-founder of Somajna (

Yoga and honest conversations with family and friends refined his keen observation of life’s transitions and how we uniquely express our human nature, as we drift through them.

This book met him as a blank page for expressing himself, when he was engaged in the most significant transition of his life; straddling a personal grief, and the anxiety of an uncertain future.