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The BEING Leader

Author Name: Sujith Ravindran | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Following the modus operandi of renowned business leaders of the time. Sujith Ravindran grew into various leadership positions within corporations and start-ups across the globe. After a decade and a half of successes, he sunk into a spiritual crisis in his life.

That void led him to leave his corporate life in pursuit of self-realization. On a quest to find the qualities that made leaders legendary, there he came across the inner path of the four legendary leaders portrayed in this book; Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, M.K. Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln.

From the lives of these ‘Being Leaders’, Sujith discovered that it was not a set of skills or capabilities that made leaders legendary. Instead it was a certain ‘inner state’ that made them so. This book examines that ‘inner sate’ and traces the path that got the Being Leaders to that state.

The Being Leaders go beyond the ‘Doing’ to master the realm of true ‘Being’. This realm is one of great personal mastery and self-authorship, a very high level of self-awareness, and a life expressing their highest ideals each day.

The book is for those who aspire to embody the highest level of leadership in the organizational or societal realm.


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Sujith Ravindran

Sujith Ravindran assists leaders in business and politics expand consciousness and embody a new form of leadership. For his work on facilitating personal growth in Italy, in 2012 he was conferred the honour of AMBASSADOR OF PEACE.

Sujith is the bestselling author of ‘MATURE MASCULINITY: Man’s Inner Essence’ a book that captures the insights originating from a profound personal opening Sujith experienced. Having studied & practiced for over thirty-five years with renowned masters, he supports individuals and groups in personal mastery, including the practice of meditation and inner leadership. In his free time, he continues to serve in penal institutions, teaching meditation, being in service and the power of choice to both prison staff & inmates, ex-convicts, gangsters, addicts and other who live outside the mainstream of society.

Sujith is the co-founder of BEING AT FULL POTENTIAL, an academy at developing new forms of leadership, and making human potential realization the number one focus within organisations. As a leading voice on business spirituality, Sujith is invited to speak and offer deep work within ministries, multinationals and business schools.

You can find more of him and his service at