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The Best Is Yet to Be

Author Name: Dr. Indu Nautiyal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Here is a bouquet of multifarious flowers, gathered from the garden of life and wrapped in poetic garb, as a meaningful gift to the reader.

To be plain, here is a collection of poems composed by the author at different times and in different states of mind, bound together in one common thread running through all of them. One can easily perceive the presence of a strong passion for timeless emotions and established human values like love, hope, faith, empathy and gratitude, to name some. The author firmly believes them to be indispensable for life, both as an individual and society. In a world plagued by the debilitating habits of greed, selfishness, intolerance and egotism, resulting in perpetual conflict and chaos, these simple virtues are no less desirable than a panacea for the prevailing afflictions.

In a nutshell, universal love, goodwill and a never-failing optimism are the recurring subjects of her poetry, with occasional references to the other side of the picture where she throws light on the not-so-bright and depressing facets of life—a reality we all are well acquainted with.

With the all-time inspiring words of Robert Browning as the title of the book, the author is trying to re-assert that notwithstanding all its peculiarities and challenges, life is an awesome journey with "the best is yet to be" as the resonating mantra along the way.

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Dr. Indu Nautiyal

Dr. Indu Nautiyal has been a teacher by profession but learner by habit. A keen observer of life around, she expresses her sensibility through writing and random photography, capturing the nuanced beauty of nature and human life.

Nature and man are inseparably intertwined in the texture of her work and she loves portraying them as such with equal regard to both. Like Lord Byron, she seems to say,
‘I love not man the less, but Nature more’

An anthology of her nature poems "Blooming Twigs" has recently been published by writersgram, a Delhi-based publication. The present collection is an extension of the same love of nature and its relationship to the human world while suggesting that a harmonious bond is vital to the well-being of all life on the planet. Taking life lessons from the unwritten book of nature, she tries to assert that life is a unique gift despite its occasional challenges, and is, therefore, worth enjoying and living meaningfully.