The Best Serendipity of my Life A Musical Love Story

by Swetank Telang


Type : Paperback

Print Edition India

Print Edition International


Summary of the Book

“Yes, I fell in love. Yes, I proposed to her.

Yes, She loved me back!

Yes, I was on the top of the world.

And then …

Yes, We parted.

Yes, I was devastated.

Yes, I cried.

Yet, this is The Best Serendipity of my Life.

A tale of fun, music, passion, love and life”

About the Author

Swetank V Telang (27 years) is a Mechanical Engineer and also holds an MBA degree. He works at Reliance Industries Limited – a top listed Fortune 500 company. He is a native of Maharashtra but is born and brought up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Besides an engineer, he is also a musician and a singer; he is fond of Indi-pop music and plays many musical instruments such as Guitar, Keyboard, Mandolin, Flute, and Harmonica. He is passionate about writing, singing and composing his own music.

‘The Best Serendipity of my Life ’ is his debut novel which is based on his true life’s story. Don’t forget to check out his exclusive music for this book at

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