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The Book Of Destiny

by Ankit Kapoor

Format: Paperback

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The Book of Destiny tells the story of Anay, Sanya, Taman, Vensolio and Alkazar, the five young people who are after the dreaded villain, Lavenred. Waging a battle that is fraught with everything from rich tapestries of emotion and splendid adventure, the five of them discover phenomenal powers and the responsibility that comes with using their power for good. Armed with the power of The Book of Destiny, the five of them battle against the world’s most evil forces to make sure Good triumphs, after all.

Ankit Kapoor, born on June 4, 2000 in Nagpur, started writing at the age of 4. Initially, he started with poems and had a very large compilation of them. In time, he developed an interest in fiction. What started as a hobby soon turned into passion and this book was written when he was only 12.

Ankit is a young prodigy. He is a thinker and an observer with a vision. His passion for reading and his imaginative thinking form the base of this book. He is studying at the famous Bhavans Bhagwandas Purohit Vidya Mandir, Nagpur.



The Book Of Destiny





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