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The Bridge to Lanka

by R.S.Chari

Format: Paperback

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Rather than dwell on the controversy over the existence of a causeway between India and Sri Lanka, The Bridge to Lanka takes us on a magical tour to experience some of the significant events that have been vividly set forth  in the epic Ramayana.

The concept of a bridge to the island provides an ideal panorama for this journey.

Born and raised in India, Mr. R. Sudarshan Chari moved from Mumbai to seek greener pastures and exciting adventures abroad, which spanned over three decades. He is a strategist who has years of corporate experience with prestigious organisations based in exotic locales of Africa, Middle and Far East, South Asia and Europe.

Mr. Chari is at heart a family man with keen interest in ancient scriptures. A consummate story teller, he loves to enthrall his family & friends with folklores spiced with excitement, suspense and thrill based on his own real life experience and his perspective of life. He has been honoured with the Golden Quill Award by the Lions club International (Africa & South Asia), for excellence in journalism & editorials. He lives in Chennai with his family; they have a son and two daughters. He is currently working on his next project based on the Puranas.



The Bridge to Lanka





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