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The Dreamers of a Railway Station

by Simanta Das

Format: Paperback

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Everybody has dreams and no dream is big enough to be conquered if he or she strives hard to achieve it. Sachin is a village boy who grows up in poverty and aspires to be an Engineer. He works hard to achieve his dream of being an engineer and in the process makes new friends and finds love. He is helped by people unknown to him and he returns their favor. He faces may hurdles in his life and his love abandons him. Yet he is not dejected and moves on with his life. This story is a reflection of many people who struggle hard initially and have a ‘never say die’ attitude. If you are struggling in life then this book is a must read for you.

“The Dreamers of a Railway Station” is Simanta’s debut novel. After graduating from IIT Delhi he completed his MBA from Asian Institute of Management in Manila, Philippines. He is a novelist, academician and a philanthropist. He teaches finance and marketing in School of Business in a University in India and is also a paper reviewer for Academy of Management. Reading about Business strategy and reading bestselling novels is his hobby.

Likes most Indians he likes playing cricket and football. He is often found chatting with villagers in a village discussing about their problems and discussing business strategy with small business owners (Mostly road side vendors). He likes watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies and listening to music. He plans to write series of novels in which people can find their own reflection and relate to the characters. Overall, he is a very interesting person with a tremendous sense of humor.



The Dreamers of a Railway Station





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