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The Epic of Love

by Appu V. Menon

Format: Paperback

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Bhuvana tried to swipe the tears in her eyes listening to the story of Hamsanaadam and Hamsavaani, but was not able to mop the same from her mind. “Still the stars from sky come to earth as fire flies to fulfill the needs of a desiring heart” smiled Grandma completing the story.

 “What dissuaded the sympathetic slut to refrain herself from the role of a careful lady love living in a loving edifice? She never intended to sell her virginity, but His decision persuaded her on meeting those stints. I could say her skin desired to be touched; a moment’s instinct of an ogled eye paved the way for the beauty in the symphony by colours and canvass to be in that demented path, being the merchant of colourful nights and reveling hours: The princess of unconditional love; but for the first time wearing the veil of femininity”

   Appu V. Menon is a 22 year old youngster, working with Kerala Industrial Technical and Consultancy Organization (KITCO Ltd) as a Chemical Engineer. He passed out from Government Engineering College Thrissur in the year 2012 getting 5 Best Manager awards from various institutions for his eloquent skills. He loves English literature in the same amount he does to Chemical Engineering. Mystic Incantation is his debut publication incorporating the short stories and sonnets he has written getting inspired by his masters. He is currently working on his new project at Orissa for KITCO along with a composition of his novel venture, legacy@fathers.com, a hilarious anecdote.

Appu lives in Kerala along with his father P. Vinod Kumar, a company executive, his grandfather R. Bhaskaran Kartha, a retired Mathematics Teacher and his mother Meena Vinod, a school teacher.

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