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The Essence of Gita Going Beyond

Author Name: Shashank Kasliwal | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

"We see our lives full of distress and on the other side we see Krishna playing his flute and dancing". Since time immemorial, the magnificent and excellent guidance of the Bhagavad Gita has charmed the truth-seekers all over the world. Yet its deepest meaning has remained vague.  

Corporate trainer, coach and spiritual guru Shashank Kasliwal has beautifully brought out the spirit of Krishna’s Gita by connecting its characters to the human mind. The different personalities Gita talks about symbolises the various mental and emotional states a seeker can relate to. 

Kasliwal’s the Essence of Gita discusses, with recommended sadhnas and meditations, the key to awaken the sleeping consciousness. There is an ongoing war, Mahabharata, in our mind that is turning the body into a battleground, the Kurukshetra to reclaim bliss. Using Krishna’s wisdom as a launch pad, Kasliwal brings to life words that have the power to change the way we see the world, change the way we see religion and above all, change the way we are. 

No animal feels the suffering because they are utterly contented as they are. Man is the only animal who is fundamentally unhappy. Hence, the feeling of disgrace – because he knows, he can be free.

"We have been treading on the wrong path because we have not found the right one for us." 

                                                                                 -Shashank Kasliwal


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Shashank Kasliwal

Shashank Kasliwal runs his own training company, Emotional Intelligence Inc. He hails from an illustrious industrial family and despite coming from such an affluent background, Shashank and his family saw tremendous upheavals in life. These unruly times triggered the seeds of spirituality in him. His first book, “Freedom from the I” is about looking within and ending self created suffering by recognising the ego.