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The First Coffin

by M John

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

The Mumbai underworld is controlled by the Devgun family. When an upright and senior member of the Mumbai police stands up to them, the ‘family’ decides to send out a strong message, by killing not just him, but his whole family. They employ the services of a professional assassin, who does the job, but is unable to kill the police officer’s son, who was not with his family at that time. Because of this technicality, the Devgun family decides to withhold payment to the assassin.

The assassin is now out to collect his payment.

The son has come back, and is now, out seeking revenge.

The Mumbai police are pulling out all stops to solve the case, because the victim was one of their senior officers.

Will things ever be the same again?


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M John is a former fighter pilot, with extensive flying experience on the MiG-21 and the Mirage-2000 aircraft. He has also been closely involved in other facets of the military, including Military Intelligence. After leaving the Indian Air Force, he has written a number of articles on military matters, which have been published in a few magazines. He has also taken part in Panel Discussions on military matters, on TV. He is a self-taught computer “enthusiast” and has written an article on alternative operating systems, which was published in a computer magazine. This is his second book.



The First Coffin





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