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The Forgettable Journey

by Kiran S

Format: Paperback

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Let us embark on a journey which is bound to be adventurous and at the edge of the seat thrilling. Nikhil, a young man in his early twenties, jovial, helpful, ready to learn and ready to take risks wants to learn computers and advance management techniques by working as an apprentice in his father’s friend’s company. He believes in God, but only when it comes to a life and death situation but at the same time he loves his family very much. In the beginning he is just another guy next door. But that is only until his tryst with his inquisitive nature prompts him to use a new technology in his office and in the process he is teleported away to another planet thousands of light years away.

He finds love and friends in the Eonale. Rinky is a beautiful girl who is held captive in this alien planet because there is no way of escape. She is clueless about her place of origin etc but is courageous enough to discover some secrets of the planet. At first they are attracted to each other since they are humans. It is only when he gets to love Rinky that he decides to show courage and will power to help her take all the humans out of the alien planet. Towards the mid of the story Rinky too falls in love with him but doesn’t show for the fear that she might change into an old woman once she reaches the earth.

Whether he is able to return back to Earth or whether they are destined to live forever in the dark land of Eonale is something we get to see in the end of the story.

Kiran S stays in Mumbai with her husband and two children. She is working in the public sector and this is her first endeavour in publishing her book.



The Forgettable Journey





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