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The Freedom Ballet

by Balram Chand

Format: Paperback

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The nation is reeling from high inflation, unprecedented corruption and a sense of hopelessness. What do you do when your knowledge of basic things in politics and economics is poor but you still want to do something to help the nation?

Paresh, a young techie, knows that he and the nation are being taken for a ride by a crew of crooked politicians. What can he do about it? Especially when Ajit, a sportsman of yesteryears, steps up to lead the country away from stinking corruption and desperate poverty towards development and prosperity? How does a professional journalist like Divya see these issues?

What magic can Ajit wield? How will the incumbent scam-a-day government led by Padamji react?

Will youngsters like Paresh and Divya unite under the leadership of Ajit and help India find its true destiny? Will their friendship lead to something more?

Balram Chand was born in Chennai where he did his schooling and higher education. Alhough he is primarily a Chartered Accountant, he has also worked as a horticultural businessman and as a journalist. He has worked and lived in South East Asia. Currently he resides in Chennai with his family.



The Freedom Ballet





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