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The Girl from the Woods

Author Name: Amar Shekar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Buried love begins to bubble up when two lonely souls Niam, a passionate photographer on an assignment, and Siya, a mountain girl, meet accidently in Shimla and fall in love. With time, love and affection start shaping up the congruency of their spirits in ethereal sync like they were meant to complete each other.

Gradually, passion, love, self-introspection, spirituality, every element of the journey start to entangle so appressed, that for an adventurer a reverie photography journey soon turns out to be a war within.

Find this out in the long-winding expedition of a photographer in “The Girl from the woods” – Does a wandering soul seeking solace embraces his love against his passion or do they wither away just to be memories forever?


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Amar Shekar

An entrepreneur and travel blogger by profession, an adventurer and nature photographer by passion, Amar Shekhar is now an Author. When not following his profession, he is found busy following his passion.

To know more about the author, visit:
Twitter Handle: AmarShekhar26