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Author Name: BAIJU KUMAR VISHWAKARMA | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

Wherever righteousness is on the decline and unrighteousness is in the ascendant the God himself or his messenger i.e. prophet comes to this planet. And reason for His coming here is the protection of the virtuous, for extirpation of evil-doers and for establishing Dharma or righteousness on a firm footing wicked men possessing a demoniac disposition, who persecute innocent and virtuous men and devotees of God repositories of vices like lying, hypocrisy, theft, adultery etc, who unbelieveous by nature and are engaged in amassing wealth by objectionable method and with whom it has become a habit to wage wars against God and scriptures. God or his messenger comes here for destruction of evil-doers with a view to freeing them from the clutches of evil and sin, depriving them of their body by means of war or any expedient.

The present novel reveals that Dhanraj is an instrument of God. He sets off a journ from his native place to London to bring a divine herb to get his father cured, who is a seriously ailing at his palace. This is a just pretention; actually, he has to do lots of virtuous works. In his adventurous Journey, Dhanraj demonstrates the glory of righteousness by the use of inspiring and powerful words and messages. He develops among the people a natural love and reverence for virtuous and right conduct so that they make themselves strongly cling to them.

Dhanraj is a personification of absdute fearlessness, velour, perfect purity of mind-voice-work and suffering hardship for the discharge of his sacred obligation and straightness of mind as well as of the body and sense.

The story is so full of sensation, suspense, adventure, thrill and interest from the beginning to the end that the reader will find hard to ignore it.

Mr. Ashok Mishra

Ex. Editor,

The Times of India,

Patna (Bihar)

Paperback 222

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Name : Baiju Kumar Vishwakarma

Father's Name : Sheopujan Vishwarkarma

DOB : 02nd March 1982

Educational Qualification : Master of Arts (History)

Profession : Writer, Teacher (Bihar Government)

Religion : Hindu

Nationality : Indian

Address : At - Arwal Sipah, PO + Distt - Arwal, Bihar 804401

Contact : +91 98014 08820

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