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The Heaven's Hell Through the layers of Love!

by Arthy

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Love makes life beautiful. At 30, Priya was perhaps into the twilight of her womanhood. A lovable husband in Sanjay, an equally adorable child in Karthick, she couldn’t have asked for a better gift from God. Life was very kind to her. Love indeed made her life beautiful. But, like a bolt from above, all this came crashing down. In walked Darshan. ­ The avoidable disastrous type your parents always warn you against. Eventually surprises catch up with Priya, spinning her out of a silent life. Priya realizes she needs more than will power, Sanjay and love to get through this traumatic time in her life. Can Priya reclaim her heaven from the fury of hell? Find out as Arthy takes you on a journey through an innocent dreamy love story intertwined with a lover’s wrath and agony.


Arthy hails from Chennai, India. She is an IT professional by chance and a writer by choice.

Arthy's debut novel, The Heaven’s Hell!, was released in 2014. She prefers the romance genre to any other and feels she expresses herself the best there. As a creative person by thought and deeds, she feels that her creative urge could best be expressed through words.

Her other interests include pencil sketching, painting and photography.


She is an active person, which gives her a natural spontaneity to easily connect with people, and this story, Life isn’t a Fairy Tale, is an earnest attempt to extend that trait to the readers. 



The Heaven's Hell





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