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The I: Dharma versus Religion

Author Name: RS | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

The word Dharma, derived from the root ‘Dhr’ of the Sanskrit language, is an axis of every entity in the universe, is a resultant force of the Supreme Soul in the action performed devoid of attachment, inspires unity in diversity, and is a result of the action in the form of a reward from the Supreme Soul. The individual rises above anger, malice, self-love, physical knowledge and evil and sees life as a mirror by following Dharma. 

Time touches every aspect of life and forces all material objects to change. Even words and languages do not remain untouched. Dharma is narrated as religion and has become a sign of social evils, whereas religion is a penal form of the I for its physical knowledge and has characteristics of segregation.  The word Dharmnirpekcha means ‘not in favor of Dharma’ and signifies being against the Creator of the universe and shows lunacy and ignorance.

Just with proper address and direction, one can reach the destination. The appropriate language and adequate texts help to solve lexical misconceptions. The author redresses the simple identifications of the literal myths generated by the influence of time and many unresolved queries like ‘who am I, body or Soul’, ‘what is the form of the I’, ‘how can one control the mind’, ‘does God exist’, ‘does the Supreme Soul exist in a personal form like you for you’, ‘the difference between Dharma and religion’, ‘how the varna system changed to caste’ and much more in search of the truth of words misapprehended for centuries.  

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