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The Journey : Six years in the life of a Neristian

by Jayanta Goswami

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

In “The Journey: Six Years in the Life of a Neristian”, the author takes the reader on a pleasant ride down the memory lane, reminding the reader of his own student days. Fond memories of those golden, care free and fun filled days capture his imagination once again, till a mischievous smile begins to light up the reader’s face unknowingly.....


“Fantastic effort! You have really brought back the memories of those Golden days.....”

....Surajit Bhattacharjee

Director (RE & AM) at Utiba, New Delhi.

“Gave me wings and took me back to those fun filled bygone days!..”

Dilip Malla Buzarbaruah

Chief Technical Officer, Vodafone, Bangalore

“Thanks for that jog down memory lane. It really made wonderful reading and left me with a lump in my throat...”

A Rahman (Xufy)

Consulting Engineer, Washington, D.C.

“Made me relive those wonderful student days again and momentarily made me forget my present surroundings. An excellent literary effort!...”

Subhendu Dey Choudhury

Technical Director.

NIC, Dept. of Information Technology, MCIT, New Delhi

“A journey to remember and cherish for all our lives!...”

Asif Khair

Founder & CEO, Techvictus, New Delhi

“A superb portrayal of a memorable period of our lives. Great piece of writing!...”

Bijoy Bora

Co-Founder, Zaloni.Com, San Francisco

“The book definitely takes us down the memory lane and reminds us of those wonderful carefree days..”

Partha Dutta

Sr. Pipeline Engineer at SHELL, Bangalore



The Journey : Six years in the life of a Neristian





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