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The Key-Hole Parents A Teenager’s Gift to Their Parents

Author Name: Sanjeev Agarwal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

This book is a journey of Parent self-realization, as to how our actions, reactions & inactions, our speech and silence affects the thought process creation of the child. No suggestions or parenting advice. 

Our generation needs to accept the fact that majority of our thought processes, actions and interactions are governed by cross-referencing to a data bank which was created in our formative years. The same data bank is being created in your child, a child in the family or the neighbour’s child.

Understand what is good for you today and where it came from. Check what is not working for you and what happened in the formative years that you are behaving or acting so. Self-realization is the first step. The next step is to consciously decide what change you need to bring about in your interaction with the child considering what kind of adult you would like the child to be.

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Sanjeev Agarwal

Strong Belief: There are never problem children, there are always problem parents- the Parents look to fulfil their aspirations through their children

Sanjeev is based at Ahmedabad, India. Born in a family of Textile businessmen, he grew up to be a hardcore commercial person. Since childhood, he has been a voracious reader with the tendency to read every book he caught hold of, irrespective of genre.

Somewhere, some book struck a chord and the reading preferences changed to more meaningful reading. Since the last over 15 years, he has been trying to read the Indian scriptures and understand the interpretation, not the translation. Though not an Atheist, he is someone who tends to question the current religious teachings and teachers. 

The scriptures are an ocean of knowledge in terms of philosophy and human psychology. And put to good use can do wonders for human life. Utilizing this knowledge, Sanjeev holds one to one sessions ranging from 3-6 hours on problem-solving for people, a session which people categorize as life coaching, but is more on lines of self-realization. If you have a problem, only you have the solution. Sanjeev has specialized in Reiki therapy, Pendulum dowsing and Vaastu. He has helped countless families solve their personal and professional problems. No wonder he is known as a “Spiritual troubleshooter”!!!

Having an interest in human development, the science of Dermatoglyphics Evaluation came up and Sanjeev took it up as an occupation. The experience of over 11 years in this field has been enriching and highly satisfying. 

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