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The Last Thugs: The Legend of the Wandering Circus

Author Name: Kailash | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

What do three twelve-year-olds who are the disgrace of their tribe, do when they turn out to be the only three among their peers to have evaded a mass-kidnapping? In 1972, Inaya, Raksha, and Abu, members of a tribe descendent from Thuggees (dacoits and marauders), end up being the most unlikely heroes of a great misadventure. Through the course of their tale, the three friends reveal themselves to be true Thugs—daring and dauntless—who redeem themselves in the eyes of their tribe when they rise to the occasion to rescue their friends, who mysteriously vanish one night. In this Pied-Piper-style fantasy, the three friends find themselves in possession of legendary magical gifts that aid them in their battle against evil. 

A gripping saga about the magic of steadfast, enduring friendship in facing life’s trials and tribulations, The Legend of the Wandering Circus is the first in a series of books chronicling the exploits of the three inglorious young Thugs—Inaya, Raksha, and Abu.

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Kailash is a voracious reader, book-collector, and an avid fan of fantasy fiction. He loves nature in all its forms and plans to adopt an elephant one day. Kailash prefers waffles to pancakes and is a firm believer that there is no such thing as sleeping excessively. One day, Kailash hopes to move to Middle Earth as he prefers it to Narnia and Westeros, and if he had his own spaceship, he would pay a visit to Coruscant followed by Arrakis.

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