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The Love, Hate & All That

by Arjun Deep Singh Pahwa

Format: Paperback

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The Love Hate and All That is a romance that meddles with the different philosophies of feminine and masculine. Eventually, it is this difference in two philosophies that yields the powerful, but sensitive emotions of heart-break, betrayal, love and hatred.

When an intellectual man, a dreamer, a book-lover and an impelling speaker, Rishi, comes in the life of a dejected, heart-broken and suicidal woman, Disha, she does see the long-lost hope of a better life coming on her way, but fears to grab it. Her outlook towards men is jumbled and shaken so vigorously that men mean nothing but zenith of sadness for her.

Rishi takes it as a challenge to change her dejected philosophy and, with a strong determination, introduces her to a world of independent and liberated thoughts. He seems to be winning, when she kisses him one night under the pale brightness of the streetlight, but the paleness in the surroundings suddenly reminds her of her pale past, and she pulls herself back. She is suddenly hesitant, fearful and skeptical about the intentions of the man she is kissing.

Her ignorance breaks him, but he controls himself and keeps his determination higher than his sudden hatred towards her uncertain psyche. Will he always be able to stop himself from replacing his love with hatred? Will she ever be able to succeed in replacing her hatred with love?

Arjun Deep Singh Pahwa was born in Haryana in 1986. After finishing college, he served as a lecturer at Kurukshetra University for a short duration, and then joined Infosys Ltd. as Systems Engineer. He is writing since his school days, and has written several short-stories, series-novels, and political and inspirational write-ups. Besides writing, he has a keen interest in music (plays guitar) and cricket.

You can catch up with Arjun at:

Website: www.arjundsp.com  
FB Page: Arjun DSP


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