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The Magical Scroll

by J​eyasree Ravi

Format: Hardbound

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About the Book

There is a need to break the umpteen misconceptions that man has. Life is tough. Life is not a bed of roses. Life is unfair. It is fate that one endures. Something right in your perception maybe wrong from another’s point of view.

There are several questions unanswered, gnawing at us deep within. Is there nothing that is fair in life? Why do we suffer? What is right and wrong? There is frustration – if only we knew the rules of life , we wouldn’t have to suffer!

On the other hand, if only we knew the rules of life we would be able to live a happy complete life.

Here they are, the 16 Golden Laws, the simple rules to live a happy complete guilt-free life.



The Magical Scroll





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