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The Making of The New Age: Vol -2 Vol - 2


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A book of this genre comes, but once in a lifetime. It deserves rare comparison with the likes of THE DECLINE OF THE WEST & THE IDEA OF HISTORY. It makes the best choice for the readers who want to pursue a balanced version of the world history. Even though, its main domain is historical exploration, its dimensions include various other disciplines. THE MAKING OF THE NEW AGE discusses everything under the sun. The students of Philosophy, Politics and Economics can certainly find many innovative propositions in this book. Darwinism, Modernism and Marxism are equally under fire. It analyzes and exposes, as never before, the institution of religion. It is the only work of its kind, because it proposes the exploration of history as a method to tackle social conflicts. All the outstanding historical fallacies of Europe are demystified with precision. The historical myths of Europe like the fall of Rome, Crusades, Renaissance, the fall of Constantinople, Islamic invasions, Imperialism, Revolutions and the like are given the ultimate intellectual blows in this work.

Written in a simple, passionate and powerful language, this book offers an easy and interesting reading for students, scholars and the general public. THE MAKING OF THE NEW AGE promises to give something to every reader, irrespective of his/her area of interest. It is a must-read for all those individuals who desire to live in a better, peaceful and progressive world.

TAACHAL is the author of THE MAKING OF THE NEW AGE [Volumes 1 & 2] which belongs to the genre of Philosophy & History. According to the author the two-volume work forms the first organized intellectual reaction of India against the history imposed on her by the European historical tradition. The book contains an advanced philosophical vision to look at the society and a new historical vision to understand the history. The current work "what after Modi Sarkar?" is written in order to grab the attention of the serious reader towards the historical and philosophical genre which has many innovative measures to address the specific problems faced by India as well as the world. 



The Making of The New Age: Vol -2





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