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The Man Who Inspired Gandhi

Author Name: Praemi M. Row & G. Pandrang Row | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

“When a Dalit community boy educated in my institution gets a good government job and travels in a car to my village and when the dust arises in the street by such a Dalit person moving in a car touches my head, then I will feel my life is worth living and I am fulfilled.”

Several years before Gandhiji and Dr. Ambedkar, a social reformer in the South Kanaras spent his life striving for the upliftment of the Dalits, the cause of widows, fighting child marriage and alleviating poverty. For his efforts he was spat upon, stoned and night waste was dumped on his doorstep. He was excommunicated by his community’s leader and ostracized by society. Yet he persevered.

Researched by his great-granddaughter and written by her son, this is the story of a teacher, reformer, and agent of change. This is the story of Kudmul Ranga Rao, the man who inspired Gandhiji.

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Praemi M. Row & G. Pandrang Row

Praemi M. Row is Kudmul Ranga Rao’s great grand-daughter and G. Pandrang Row is her son. Praemi was brought up to understand and accept the principles of her great-grandfather. She was told stories about him and all that he had done over the years and wants to pass on those stories to her family and the wider Saraswat community. Pandrang is a copywriter and brand strategy consultant. Together, they wish to share this special story with the world.