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Author Name: Ed. Neele Grace | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

The Panchatantra stories have captivated readers for centuries with their timeless wisdom and moral lessons that remain relevant even today. This collection of stories, edited for both children and adults, brings to life the classic tales of animals and their adventures. With a keen focus on virtues such as honesty, kindness, and wisdom, these stories offer valuable lessons that inspire readers of all ages.

Alongside beautiful illustrations, this specially typeset edition is a must-have for anyone looking to delve into the rich world of Panchatantra stories and their enduring legacy. Through these magical stories, young readers embark on exciting journeys, discovering the power of imagination, kindness, and bravery.

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Ed. Neele Grace

Introducing Neele Grace, a talented and imaginative author on a mission to enchant the hearts of young readers with captivating children's books. Born with a love for storytelling, Neele aspires to bring joy and wonder to children's lives through the magic of words. From a young age, he found solace in books, and that passion grew into a desire to create stories that spark the imaginations of young minds. With a professional engineering background, he is a prolific writer and global traveler who has delivered numerous invited lectures on technical topics worldwide. Neele's passion for literature and writing led him on this labor of love project to share timeless stories from the Panchatantra with a broader audience.


Growing up in Kharagpur, India, Neele feels a strong urge to spread awareness about Indian stories, traditions, and the rich cultural heritage to the world, particularly in the Western world where he currently resides. His commitment to nurturing young imaginations and sharing the wonders of storytelling has made him a beloved figure in the realm of children's books. These magical tales continue to inspire, entertain, and ignite a lifelong love for reading in the hearts of children around the world.



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