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The Movie Star Attraction Indian Romance Novel

by Mohana Shiva

Format: Paperback

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Ramira Nair is the leading superstar actress of the Hindi film industry. Extraordinarily beautiful, super rich, with loads of talent and a Midas touch at the box office, makes her life truly envy-worthy for everyone. In short she has it all, well almost, except true love that is.

After two failed affairs of the heart in her past, Ramira has lost all her trust in men. She is afraid that she may never find the kind of love that her parents have shared since forever.

Enter Viraj Kulkarni, a successful corporate lawyer who is smart, handsome and equally rich. He has nourished a secret crush on Ramira for years.

They meet at a mutual friend’s birthday party and sparks fly between them. They start with a slow (on his part) and cautious (on her part) courtship.

Can a kind and understanding guy like Viraj really make Ramira see him for the trustworthy guy that he is? Can Ramira help Viraj face his own past and heal him?

Will Ramira fall prey to the schemes of those who seek her downfall? Or will she rise like a phoenix, overcoming all obstacles including her own fears, and finally find true love with a wonderful, kind, loving man like Viraj?

Though Ramira maybe a superstar, her story will resonate within every woman who has loved and lost, after all Ramira too is just a simple woman standing in front of a man asking him to love her.

Born in 1983 the debutant author Mohana Shiva has been a resident of Thane living next to the glorious ever changing mountains that inspire her writing. After doing her MBA in finance from ICFAI, she realized that her one true calling was writing. It all started when a short story she wrote for a website garnered a lot of good feedback. A secret dream of getting her first novel published, nourished in her heart for more than a decade, finally bore fruit with this novel - her labour of love. A firm believer in God, she feels that when we get what we want, it is good and when we don’t get what we want it’s better, because God has a plan for everyone.



The Movie Star Attraction





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