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The Mysterious Greenfield Woods A nerve racking thriller and haunting love story

Author Name: Vinay Kallat | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

The author talks about the mysterious and esthetic love of a young man Sam that engraves readers and takes them into a different dimension of love. The author keeps his roots of Indian origin and speaks playfully about the tender things people feel in love. The author depicts the nervousness one feels when being close to someone they love and at the same time talks about the ecstasy of being able to communicate to one another through one's body in a way that no words can do.

The author takes his readers on a journey to the mysterious outer world filled with unearthly creatures. This book is not for faint hearted. Humans are dragged out of their dwelling places and taken to the outer world where they are brutally slaughtered by unknown beast creatures. The author talks about the heart ripping, soul screaming and painful death that the captured human beings go through.

The author takes his readers into a dark world of witches that haunt Sam. It would be scary for the readers to read it at night. Better watch your back somebody might be standing right behind you that could be a creepy burnt guy cutting his own neck. And, also do not forget to look down to check if any granny with long hair and a wicked smile is sitting by the side of your bed.

The author asks the same question many have asked in past. What would you trust more your heart, your brain or things that you see? If you believe what you see and think is real. Think twice, did you ever felt like a dream to be real. Your brain remembers things that your eyes see or your body feels. What if there are some people who could manipulate the communication between your eyes and brain? They could change the way you think about your past. A thriller murder mystery, which is surrounded by witches, magicians and voodoo practitioners, making it harder for Sam to even make out what is real and what is not. Would Sam believe in his love or go against her?


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Vinay Kallat is currently working as a senior software engineer in a bank in India. He loves to write books and wants to quit his day job and become a full time writer. He wants to become a successful writer so that he can at least earn his leaving after quitting the day job.

One grateful day he fell in love with a girl who broke his heart. That was the day when a writer was born in him.

No pain can break me,

No hate can make me sad,

No defeat can weaken my will,

For now I have felt the pain of breaking heart.


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