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The Neighbour There is a killer in your midst....but he doesn't know it

by Rahul Phondke

Format: Paperback

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"I could not put this book down" - Tuhin Parikh, (friend of the Authors who has Tennis elbow)

"An absolutely hilarious book" - The New York Times newsagent.

"It had me on the edge of the seat...(sigh) it's time I buy a new seat" - A random individual

Karan and Gautam are two friends sharing an apartment and a chalk and cheese relationship. Things start taking a strange turn when their new neighbour's strange habits raise eyebrows, temperatures and curiosity levels. Is their new neighbour really someone whom he claims to be? Why is he never seen? Who are the "Made in China" Al Capones who visit him? Does he have a past he needs to hide? As Karan and Gautam plunge further into the search along with Priya, the plot thickens with more twists and turns than a Rubik's cube and heads towards an amazing climax.

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The Neighbour





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