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The Order of Mayhem

Author Name: Bala C | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The fate of the world hangs by a thread. A vicious and diabolic cult group pledges to take the world under their control with the help of their queen. A group of common people finds it harder to digest this fact, but little did they know that they hold the key to saving this world from devastation. 

Marcus Rossetti and his men were investigating a murder in Wyoming, and soon they were dragged into something ferocious and malevolent. The murder was entirely out of ordinary, and as they try to unveil the cause, the path leads them to a sinister truth. In order to protect the world, they must act quickly. 

Can they drop the anchor on time and eradicate the threat, or will the world turn into dust? 

Paperback 350

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Bala C

Bala, an IT engineer by profession, has a tremendous passion towards reading and writing, with his favourite author being the ever-green Stephen King. With the bookshelf filled with King’s unbelievable plethora of stories and being a fervent fan of horror-thriller, he always dreamt of holding a book in his hands with his name as its author, which motivated him to script his first complete storybook. The Order of Mayhem is Bala’s debut novel and the first in the queue, with lots more to come. He has already published short stories online and wishes to continue writing until the very end.