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The Other Side Of Tantra

Author Name: Jhoola Sharma | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

When I took Diksha from my guru and started chanting mantra I did not have much knowledge about how mantra would change my mind and my realization.

I realized that Tantra sadhana is a pure devotion from the heart, without entitlement, without attachment to materialistic things, authority, positions or fame. After a long deep sadhana a whole new world begins to open -------a world of new understanding, and you can go insight of your inner self.

I told him, “I am chanting Tantric mantras, reading different shastras and literatures based on Tantra. I am interested to collect mantras for different remedies and collect small Vedic spells to overcome problems. I never use it, I never proyug my mantra for particular purpose or practice any Tantric rituals. I am a simple Tantra sadhak.”


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Jhoola Sharma is a post graduate in Political Science and a dedicated social worker in the area of women development and empowerment, children welfare and education etc. She is also associated with number of NGO's in national and international level.

An outstanding sports woman in her young age has keen interest in study and analysis of spiritual culture prevailing in the country and authored two books in this line in Assamese language which received immense appreciation.


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