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The Path to Ease and Glow An Invitation to New Inner Ease Technology

Author Name: Subodh Jha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Inner unease is like a ‘poison’ that can adversely impact life at various levels. If you are experiencing unstable relationships, parenting challenges, loneliness,  lack of self-acceptance, incompleteness and you often find yourself caught in the web of negative thinking, this book can provide you key insights for a complete turnaround of your life. If you are a life coach, a trainer or a practitioner of any personal development approach but you are not able to discover the inner ease you have always been looking for, this book could be an eye-opener for you.

This book articulates two key approaches in the field of personal development: The fight approach and the acceptance approach. Synthesizing both approaches, this book invites the readers to the new ‘Inner Ease Technology’ that can provide the best way to develop inner ease and glow in the most holistic and practical way. The book is full of real-life examples that can help you relate to the ideas and experiences presented here easily. Further, there are tools to identify one’s scale of inner unease, a framework to develop inner ease, and  an easy-to-follow exercise to experience some aspects of this new technology.

Ease is the ultimate source of excellence and higher productivity in life. Inner ease enables successful people to enjoy outer comfort and happiness together. As you read this book, you will not only be able to understand better the key causes of inner unease but also be led to a pathway of lasting inner ease and glow.

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Subodh Jha

Subodh Jha is the creator of the new Inner Ease Technology (IET). He is also a sports excellence specialist, #1 bestselling author and a life coach. He is an NLP master practitioner, certified performance and competency developer and certified training specialist (ToT). He has received training, inter alia, from top international experts including Dr Robert F. Pucelik (Co-Creator, Neuro-Linguistics Programming – NLP), Suzi Smith (NLP International Trainer) and Andrew Austin (Creator, IEMT). He has been mentored by Antano and Harini (Creators, EIT). The IET emerged from his search for developing inner ease. Despite being a certified NLP practitioner and trained in other personal excellence modalities, he still felt some sense of inner unease. He also noticed this unease in many fellow coaches and practitioners. His quest finally led to the search for a new IET. This technology is a new practical way of personal development through self-acceptance. The IET is world-class versatile technology for change work, achievement of goals, developing motivation on-demand, attaining flow state on demand, transforming easily from dis-ease to ease states, developing self-esteem and practicing inner ease as an alternative way of living.

Subodh Jha has also authored the first book on advanced mental training for athletes in India, Mental Rewiring for Sports Excellence – A Practical Guide to Peak Performance in Sports! This book received appreciation from both national and international experts. According to Quora, Subodh Jha is the “most viewed writer on the topics of India’s performance in Olympics and India and the Olympics” on its platform. Subodh Jha has helped some of the athletes in India to win world championships and national-level championships. Subodh Jha’s life coaching sessions are often termed by his clients as “magical”.